Google NLP Bert

Google NLP Bert

Google's new algorithm, Bert, uses artificial intelligence to analyze natural language and provide very precise and research-related results. Google BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is a technique based on neural networks that will help machines understand human language, a natural language processing system (NLP) to automatically process written (and spoken) information in a natural language, that is, the way we commonly talk to each other. The future is grafted onto the technologies already available today such as the Google assistant. The trend in the recognition of the human spoken language and its correct interpretation will provide a different modality within the search engine for the realization of the organic listing with respect to current algorithms, it is like moving from 2d to 3d, to make a comparison that makes good the idea.

The seo is turned upside down and the keywords will no longer exist in their current logic. The communication to be identified is dialogue and its match in research will offer positioning.

Antonio Di Chiano

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