Who We Are

Our company

We are an international team but with Italian quality Specialists in the various fields of communication with great experience have created this shop to give the possibility even to small companies to be able to take advantage of highly appealing degital services essential for doing business in this century:

  • Web sites
  • E-commerce
  • S.E.O.
  • Advertising
  • Social network
  • Consulting and digital strategy

The creator of this project

Di Chiano Antonio seo specialist and senior digital strategist with decades of experience has contributed to putting together a team of young engineers, designers, video makers and other digital professionals to create this online shop with advanced and structured services, facilitating its production through "industrial" methods of production thus lowering the price of realization and giving the possibility to many freelancers to work and many customers to access services that normally cost a lot.


"Many companies and entrepreneurs have already used our services with mutual satisfaction"

From Italy to the world

We started from Turin, the Italian technological city and we decided to move our company to Malta due to the study on blockchain and virtual currencies, later we realized the low digitization of small and medium companies and we decided to create a tool that would allow them to fully enter the digital world and on the internet, especially to market their products faster and to expand their clientele both in Malta, Italy and other parts of the world