Micro moments, innovative marketing according to Google

Micro moments, innovative marketing according to Google

The new marketing frontier advanced by Google marks a new goal: micro moments.

I want to know

I want to go

I want to buy

I want to do

According to Google, during the day each of us feels an urgent need that seeks a response through the use of the web. In fact, if you think about it every now and then something comes to mind that wants an immediate answer and you support it by searching online. These moments during the day generate a need or a need that can also lead to a purchase of a product or service and are made through the internet and search engines. Being able to intercept these micro moments is according to Google the new frontier of digital marketing. How these goals can be achieved is not a simple matter to explain, but there are techniques that are being consolidated that act in this direction and help to pursue even important business objectives.

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