The business model aimed at sales

The business model aimed at sales

Business Model Generation, here is the name with which I identify a primary aspect of marketing this year.

2019 will officially mark the transition from lead generation to business model generation, time is ripe and those who keep pace in the marketing sector will be able to take this opportunity.

The problem today is the design aspect, which is increasingly intrinsically complex, we can no longer only propose the creation of a website or think not to adopt the seo technique or make online advertising.

The decisive fact is that the real goal of our customer is always the same: to sell or acquire new customers to improve their business through the web.

Here the vast majority of communication agencies draw up "projects" that encompass various aspects of digital production: website, seo, advertising campaigns, social management, etc.

Who more, who less, and with different methods and interpretations. The arrival point is unlikely to be the set goal or otherwise otherwise, it is obtained with a high investment that does not obtain a convenient ROI for the end customer.

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A preliminary report based on the project and on the requested targets will offer the right method to present itself in the market and to the target customers to obtain the sale of the products or their acquisition. It will be a guide on what and how to do, supported by elements of analysis and action strategies. Within the report there will be the study of the market, competitors, business models of competitors, the status quo of the digital market with all its declinations and technical-commercial aspects, from here it will be possible to outline a real marketing project that fine will offer a real chance to achieve the goal with a fair investment and a guaranteed ROI.

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