Archetypal branding

Archetypal branding

Taken from Wikipedia: "Archetypal branding is a marketing technique that is based on the choice of one of the 12 Jungian archetypes to identify the value that the brand wishes to convey to customers, thus leveraging primary emotions and primordial needs to be satisfied. "Https://

Thanks to a colleague of mine I discovered this world. Give the brand a character like the human one. After all, a brand can be loved, hated, valued, followed etc. Archetypal branding is based on this element.

The positioning of the brand in the mind of the potential customer takes place thanks to distinctive and unique traits that define it, taking on a character that will identify the products and / or services it treats, making them more similar to potential customers who come into contact with it.

As Wikipedia also suggests, Mark and Pearson categorize the 12 archetypes into four groups related to:





The archetypes are:

The Innocent: dreamer, pure, naive, optimistic, in harmony with himself and with the world. He fears punishment.

The Explorer: lone wolf, traveler, in search of authentic experiences. He fears monotony, conformism.

The Wise: philosopher, teacher, finds balance through understanding. He fears lies and superficiality.

The Hero: brave soldier, tireless athlete, the brave man who is not afraid of going beyond his limits. He fears vulnerability and weakness.

The Rebel: nonconformist, revolutionary, subversive. He is afraid of losing control, of being commanded or of not being effective enough.

The Magician: provides that pinch of magic to make special things or moments that would otherwise be flat. He fears boredom, negativity, narrow-mindedness.

The Common Man: the good man who believes in integrity, desires a world in which others accept themselves for what they are. Fearing indifference and qualunquismo.

The Lover: Prince Charming, seducer, passionate, wants a passionate relationship with loved ones. He fears loneliness, shyness, of not being loved.

The Joker: positive, jester, laughing, looking for fun, wants to bring joy and fun; fears boredom and having to accept reality.

The Guardian Angel: mother, healer, selfless, takes care of others. He fears selfishness and ingratitude.

The Creator: inventor, idea new things to change the world, look far. He fears poverty or weakness of ideas.

The Sovereign: father, governor, king, leader, creates and manages order in the ordered world to be able to govern it. He is afraid of losing

Now try to do a mental exercise and when you see an advertisement of a big brand on television or online, try to associate it with a character of these and then think if you sympathize with him or not or if it reflects in you a characteristic that you like and in case if you also think of the product advertised.

I don't know this element very well because it is used a lot in social networks, but it attracted me and I thought I'd talk about it.

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