BOND Model: a way to save the hotel and restaurant sector, not only ...

BOND Model: a way to save the hotel and restaurant sector, not only ...

The hotel and restaurant sector, in general the tourism sector, are under pressure due to the pandemic. Of course we didn't say anything you didn't already know.

But these are the moments when marketing ideas take shape.

A New York overseas communications and marketing agency, Lion & Lamb Communications, has invented the "Buy now, stay later" campaign. These are the Hotel Bond, a sort of hotel bonds which after six months increase their value by 50%. Buy today by giving support to the hospitality sector and consumption after when the pandemic is over, or so hopefully.

The step from hotels to catering is short and in the United States, another communication agency Hall Pr has created the "Dining Bonds" campaign, which have a similar look but oriented towards the restaurant sector.

What can I say, the idea is catching on and is being replicated almost everywhere in different ways.

In Italy we have "Save One Seat" a portal that offers tomorrow's dinners for those who stay at home today, the first platform to support restaurateurs during this closing period due to COVID-19, by booking a dinner to be eaten at the reopening today.

This does not stop those like us who work with rent marketing every day have found ways to remodel this idea and make it more efficient for a wider variety of customers.

In fact, we immediately expanded it to the sectors not directly related to the restaurant and hotel sector, but closer to tourism in general.

Of course, restaurants and hotels are the most representative categories but there are seaside companies, travel agencies, diving centers, car and boat rentals, beauty centers and spas, tourist guides, museums, cruise companies, agri-food chains, etc.

One of these ideas was to create a very convenient and usable voucher for the whole of 2021 by linking it to a complete supply chain that is affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic, with the offer of all inclusive packages.

We are also thinking about the international market by studying a similar project but applicable to an entire national context in a generalized way.

The dynamism that we constantly apply in addressing the situations that our customers encounter every day and that we manage through rent marketing to find solutions, help us respond faster to market needs, at the moment we are following some of the projects aimed precisely at provide a whole supply chain a method to find funds and to hold on in this period of crisis but also unexpectedly to prepare an exceptional 2021 with an unexpected recovery fueled by all those who appreciate the products and services offered by the quality market such as the Italian one .

An excellent result obtained by adapting a generic business model by expanding and exporting it to the contiguous markets and to the particularity of Italian entrepreneurship.

Thanks to our marketing specialists, who continually strive to devise innovative solutions, we create real projects to support entrepreneurship effectively at all times of their existence, even in those of strong crisis and apprehension like this.

Antonio Di Chiano

(Digital Strategist & Marketer)

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