MARKETING: how the dental practice sector is changing.

MARKETING: how the dental practice sector is changing.

Forecasting is our job, this helps our customers in every sector to change their business model and #marketing plans beforehand to prepare for the restart.

From what we understand, it is plausible that going to the dentist will no longer be the same as before and that the obstacles arising from the lines that will be adopted by the Ministry for reactivation will be heavy.

In addition to masks and various other precautions, the presence of customers at the same time will be limited, costs are high and the pandemic has already done almost irreversible damage, one must immediately think of a way to cut costs.

Thinking about the path that a client follows to get to sit in the chair of a #dentist we can immediately think has a series of solutions that can make all the intermediate steps less expensive and above all suitable, given the period, making them digital.

Dedicated cloud software takes care of this and, starting from the first telephone contact or video chat, they will contextualize the case, a private folder will contain all the documentation in digital format (pdf, png, jpg etc.), further meetings will take place through a virtual office and with Skype, Zoom and other methods they will unlock all the bureaucratic phases (contracts, financing etc.) and consultation with the doctors in charge.

In the end, a digital agenda will provide the opportunity to formalize the appointment solely to operate directly.

Result? Little studio staff, mainly operational and not secretarial, actions that can be managed in smart working for 80% of the activities, fully automated organization, fewer staff needed to perform the various tasks, compatible with pandemic moments and situations that require a purely digital interactivity.

#Marketing now allows you to activate potential customers and to be able to manage them in this new context immediately and be ready for the restart with an already organized and efficient appointment agenda.

Those who do not move now, afterwards will remain entangled in the network of complications, of change and reorganization and above all will not be able to provide an efficient service to their customers that is adequate to the times.

Antonio Di Chiano

(Digital Strategist Involkra)

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