Marketing in times of crisis (The entrepreneur in the coronavirus era)

Marketing in times of crisis (The entrepreneur in the coronavirus era)

The question remains on the piece! Right now the perception of entrepreneurs is negative, pessimistic, many see profits, turnover, customers decrease, they tend to see black people as being pessimistic, giving up.


Of course not, in this moment of "forced reflection" you have to think about the post-pandemic, try to predict what will happen to the target market, think of converting your company, or changing your business model.

Understand for example the topic of smart working, e-learning, webinars, eCommerce and consider taking advantage of this moment to reposition your brand and move to contiguous markets, for example, the moment is the best time to do a radical change, because all the crises or pandemics end and the world economic order must necessarily start again and be found at the starting blocks full and prepared is the foundation of success.

An example is to understand what the market needs will be, in the first moments, as soon as the demand starts again, how customers' habits will change, understand their positioning if it is compatible with this new scenario and act accordingly.

We need to analyze data and formulate predictive analyzes to take advantage of the moment and create a business recovery and growth plan.

Ergoware Analytica Malta is the statistics and analysis division of Ergoware. We manage to profile, collect data, analyze, formulate behavioral algorithms, socio-political analysis etc.

It is necessary to know, examine, research, analyze and in the end draw up an analysis document capable of highlighting all the critical and characteristic aspects of the reference market with respect to the product sector to which it belongs.

With all this information you can start a serious and effective marketing project. Regardless of its size, our customer can access a professional service capable of supporting a business plan through targeted action capable of achieving all the objectives set.

Sell ​​Online?

NO) then it's time to do it, as you know in this period online sales have skyrocketed because people forced to stay at home or out of necessity or out of whim use this method to spend their money that otherwise has no way of doing it

YES) then it's time to increase sales and make advertising campaigns on what you can deliver in the short and medium term by facilitating customers on delivery costs and port as a service useful to their needs

Could you offer digital services to convert what you currently do in classic mode?

Remote consultations: medical, tax, project etc. With Skype, zoom, WhatsApp etc. Buy online and pay directly by card by booking on a digital agenda.

E-learning. Courses of any kind: language, cooking, crafts etc. Shop online and pay directly by card.

Appointments with customers, company meetings, training courses, coaching through webinars. You sign up, pay online with a card and you will receive an invitation to connect at the chosen time and date.

Tele stories, instructions for use, technical assistance, etc.

Online sale of your products and services

How many services and products you currently offer or use can be converted to digital?

Think about the present

How to deal with this situation is a very relative and linked to each one of us, however keeping firm and focusing on the future is an excellent method that guarantees positivity and optimism.

Humanity, think of your collaborators and employees as a family and protect them to then involve them in the rebirth knowing that the team will be more united than ever.

Think about the future

As we have seen, we know that this situation will have an end. Those who manage to better interpret the post-pandemic will have the well-deserved success and will be able to efficiently recover any financial losses they had in this period and perhaps improve their turnover and positioning for the better in the reference market.

what to do now

I prepare a marketing plan, and taking advantage of the greater attention that everyone has on social networks and on the internet at the moment, implement it through communication strategies and advertising campaigns, starting the transformation, acquisition and positioning.

It is not cynicism, knowing that all those who have a business or who work on their own risk disappearing or closing their business is the reason that pushes the shrewd ones to convert an announced disaster into a successful winning plan.

Seeing is believing.

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