Ecological marketing?!?

Ecological marketing?!?

Ecological marketing was thus labeled the Esselunga initiative in Milan. The trend pulls in this direction and instead of spending money on indirect advertising or in other forms, this collects popular consensus and overwhelms the media with a unique initiative of its kind. Everyone likes it, families, children, tourists, politicians ... just everyone.

The strategy, not new in the method, consists in creating an event that concentrates a budget for advertising and takes, as they say, two birds with one stone, reaching multiple targets.

People like it, who will take selfies and talk about it on social media, highlighting the brand that organized it, has the approval of local politicians who save money and allows them to have a Christmas attraction, follows the ecological and respectful trend both in energy consumption and in directly touching trees that could be cut for this purpose, we cannot forget the technology used and its majesty.

The media talks about it, the news talks about it, people talk about it, it is appreciated by everyone and emphasized by those who can exploit it to their advantage.

The result on a national and above all a local level is taken big with a minimal investment.

This is ecological marketing, but the strategy used adapts to all types of trends, not only the ecological one, and offers in any product sector various ideas for organizing events or attractions that can focus the attention of the public and the media, especially in the sector B2c.

Antonio Di Chiano

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