TikTok: will China put Youtube in a corner?

TikTok: will China put Youtube in a corner?

The analysis on the TikTok phenomenon, a social network used by millions of people, is becoming an obsession for Facebook, Youtube and others among the most popular social networks in the West. You can say many things, but when you understand at the marketing level communication is moving almost exclusively on videos, then thinking about doing what ByteDance has done is natural.

Photos and texts are an "ancient" tool, in the era of streaming television and thanks to the technology that we have inside our pockets, it is understandable to focus everything on videos and who knows it, perhaps soon also on holograms.

I know, it is difficult to keep up with these evolutions, but an ever wider audience will be affected only by this type of content, not all of course, but the mix at this point must depend more on what reflects the demands of the market.

ByteDance after an investment of 3 billion dollars, today it is already worth 75, is present in 150 countries and TikTok already has more monthly users than Twitter and Snapchat.

The heart of its success is recognition and machine learning through an artificial intelligence algorithm.

It shows you what you like, learn from your behavior and your tastes.

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